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Founder of the Unity Art Project. I am an artist, printmaker and teacher, interested in working individually and collaboratively. 


My work focuses on place and more recently health. My practise incorporates a variety of media - drawing, photography, collage and printmaking.  For me, printing is an alchemic, transformative process through which my photographs and line drawings are elevated into something more than the sum of their parts.


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Sean is a Cambridgeshire based artist and designer, whose work is heavily inspired by the Bauhaus movement.


His geometric abstract prints and relief sculptures are created using a skilful balance of basic shapes, using a limited colour palette. His work embodies the maxim "the whole is greater than the sum of its parts". 


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Beci Ward is an Illustrator specialising in live illustrations, posters, pattern design and colouring pages.

Gifted with an imaginative and spontaneous drawing style with an intuitive nature to create and capture. Beci has the ability to bring ideas to life in a short amount of time, to record content in a vibrant & exciting way. 


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Lou Madhu is the artist and graphic designer behind Mariposa London.


Mariposa is the Spanish world for butterfly - Lou makes ethical butterfly taxidermy artworks, detailed embroidery and prints. 


Her intricate work fuses geometric designs inspired by nature, pressed flowers and ethically sourced butterflies, from natural death conservation projects. 


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Annis Harrison is a multi-disciplinary  artist who lives and works in London. ​

Of Swedish and Jamaican heritage, she adopted the UK as home after attending St Martins Art College.

Both in Sweden and in the UK, Annis has always occupied her own space, having a foot in more than one culture, more than one ethnicity, more than one language. ​

Neither outside nor inside.​

Her art has always reflected this fascinating cultural duality.


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Multi-disciplinary artist and film maker, Eugeniou is interested in our visual culture and how social media and digital connectivity blur our public-private boundaries. Her practice encompasses projection, film, interventions, performance and drawing. Works have confronted trauma, memory, monumentality and notions of representation between space and body. Eugeniou examines the cultural space that art occupies in order to 'consider ways of seeing the unseen, to be present with the entangled fictions & frictions of our contemporary moment'. 





Donough is an award winning Irish illustrator and designer currently based in Brighton. He works for clients all across the world - his work is used in advertising, fiction, editorial and children’s picture book. 


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Pete Clayton is an illustrator, designer, animator and artist living and working in Plymouth, UK.


His joyful creative aesthetic combines positive messaging, humour and visual wit with both digital and hand-drawn styles.  


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Lisa-Marie's abstract paintings are an interpretation of the relationship between people and place. Making her own paint is an integral element of her practice - Lisa-Marie collects pigments on the routes she walks, which she uses to create watercolours for her paintings. Paint foraged from the ground results in a deep forged connection between Lisa-Marie's art and the natural world: 'I want people to feel akin to my work, be it through colour, pattern, place or the meaning behind each piece.'


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John Ayscough's politically driven work spans photography, installation, street art and conceptual work, such as TOXIC BRITAIN. (We’re all from somewhere else) 2019 - which centred around the creation of a fictitious political party called THE REAL. His work provides a scathing critique of British politics.


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Self described 'Londoner, sign painter and cockney' Mark Hudson is a traditional signwriter, specialising in hand drawn lettering and painted signs on board.



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Sharon Quigley is a much lauded artist, painter and President of the Society of Scottish Artists. Her practice balances collaboration and engagement with self directed studio practice. Her stunning paintings invoke the natural world and also reveal an anatomy of patterns that persist and endure throughout life - through the delicate application of resin, chalk pastel and oil. The results are truly magical.



Emmanuelle Orr is a printmaker and artist working with screenprint, risograph and drawing.

Based in London and Paris, Emmanuelle’s printmaking conveys the disconnection of city life, the missed connections and the solitude that can be found in a crowd.

Emmanuelle's work explore themes of connection and isolation from others and from their environment.


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Emma Hill is an English Norwegian artist. She is inspired by her Norwegian heritage, of nature and childhood memories of folklore. Her art work is spontaneous, intuitive and raw. It attempts to capture the strength and power of the natural world, alongside the colour and patterns that can beautifully emerge from the everyday.

Emma's paintings explore memories and experiences of nature. The energy of her mark-making expresses her emotions and remembrance of a time and place, creating a visual dreamscape to convey the true essence.

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Eloisa, is an artist, maker, and illustrator from London. She specialises in colour and fun! Her vibrant designs have many applications from prop making and product design, to teaching her successful art clubs & classes (now online) and mural painting.


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Esther Neslen studied sculpture at Staffordshire University, then worked as a graphic designer on Socialist Worker for 5 years. She shifted to computer animation and made children's programmes for 15 years until the urge to make things with her hands became overwhelming. 


Since then she's been sculpting in clay and plaster as well as printing, drawing and animating. She is motivated by the subtle ways we communicate ourselves through our bodies, and how we negotiate society through these physical messages. She's always keen to work with groups exploring our collective creativity, although in these isolating times she's taken the opportunity to work on ceramic forms as human metaphor.





Litza Jansz is a multimedia artist specialising in participatory film projects, interactive installations, drawing and painting. As an unrepentant feminist, her work tends to focus on the way interpersonal relationships, power structures and institutions impact on lived experience and identity.


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Megan experiments with accessible materials and media exploring the results of processes that allow for chance, unpredictability, accident. Working quickly and not 

knowing are key.


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Edward Quigley is a London based mixed media artist.

Edward’s portraits, landscapes and ink drawings show a meticulous focus on detail, and he has a unique ability to recreate likeness in the work that he produces.


“I’m naturally drawn towards the control that comes with focusing on detail; working with ink and graphite and in black and white offers simplicity and cleanliness. But I’m increasingly finding I want to move towards the chaos of more abstract work, constantly challenging myself”.




Bench Allen is a London based printmaker and illustrator, hailing from the Ocean City of Plymouth. Known for his encyclopaedic documenting of natural history, specialising in nautical narratives, his work is inspired by the beauty of the natural and unnatural world - from the Mariana Trench to the Crab Nebula.




Joy Thomas is a collage artist and creator of witty assemblages.

Joy’s super-colourful imagery excels in the unexpected combination, coupled with a big dash of tongue in cheek humour..


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Martha is an award winning interiors journalist, blogger, artist, author and avid collector of colourful objects and images. The Colour File - Martha's website, blog, and shop - encompasses her her gorgeous aesthetic and love of colour through photography, interiors, writing and her colourful art and collages. 


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Susan Vera Clarke is a British artist who lives and works in East London. With a central focus on Etching, Susan explores the boundaries of intaglio techniques and challenges what we traditionally considered to be a ‘print’. She adopts a playful use of colour, stencil and other more conventional etching steps to draw her image and through this allows the method to dictate the aesthetic of each edition. As a result she steps away from the stereotype that’s normally associated with Etching and finds the true impression from her matrix, the plate..


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Sarika Sharma is an artist and illustrator from London. 

Sarika’s artistic practice combines painting, automatic drawing, print and collage. Recent compositions have focused on imagined, organic shapes and blur foreground and background, figure and landscape.


Sarika’s style is defined by a bold, improvised use of colour, texture and mark. She is often inspired by illustrated stories, motifs in religious art and landscape paintings.

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